Sun4 Aug2024
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An Audience With Sammy Lee, Steve McMahon & Gary Gillespie
LiverpoolHot Water Comedy Club at Blackstock Market, 17 Blackstock Street, Liverpool L3 6ER
Doors Open: 12:30| Show: 14:00| Ends: 16:00
Get ready for an afternoon of laughter, legends, and Liverpool football history at Blackstock Market on 25th May 2024 at 2pm, as we bring together Sammy Lee, Gary Gillespie, and Steve McMahon for an unparalleled event. Hosted by a top comedian, this gathering promises an engaging mix of humor and heartfelt stories from three of Liverpool Football Club's most iconic figures. Experience the glory of Liverpool's golden era through the eyes of these legends, whose tales of triumph and teamwork on the Anfield pitch have become the stuff of legend. Set in the lively atmosphere of Liverpool's Blackstock Market, this event offers fans the unique chance to delve into the club's storied past, all while enjoying an afternoon filled with laughter, nostalgia, and the unbreakable spirit of Liverpool. Don't miss out on this extraordinary blend of comedy and football heritage.

Suitable for ages 14+. Younger children are permitted at parent's discretion.

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Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee, a Liverpool native born on February 7, 1959, is deeply ingrained in Liverpool Football Club's rich heritage, revered not just for his prowess as a midfielder but also for his influential roles off the pitch. Despite his diminutive stature, Lee's impact was anything but small; he became an integral part of Liverpool's golden era in the...more
Steve McMahon
Steve McMahon, born on August 20, 1961, in Halewood, England, carved out a notable career in football, with his tenure at Liverpool Football Club standing out as particularly distinguished. McMahon, who started his professional journey with Everton and later showcased his midfield prowess at Aston Villa, brought his talents to Liverpool in 1985...more
Gary Gillespie
Gary Gillespie, born on July 5, 1960, in Stirling, Scotland, is celebrated for his pivotal role as a central defender at Liverpool Football Club during the 1980s. Beginning his professional journey with Falkirk and then Coventry City, Gillespie's prowess on the field soon led him to Anfield in 1983, marking the start of a memorable era in his...more
House Rules

Hot Water Comedy Club is all about having a sidesplitting night of hilarious comedy. We do have a few house rules to make sure that everybody attending has a great night. You can view them here