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House Rules

Hot Water Comedy Club - Liverpool is all about having a sidesplitting night of hilarious comedy. We do have a few house rules to make sure that everybody attending has a great night.

Heckling & Talking During the Show
We have a strict policy of no heckling/talking whilst the acts are on stage. This is disruptive to audience members surrounding you and also to the comedians on stage. Remember, people have paid to listen to the acts, not you. Anybody repeatedly talking/heckling/shouting out will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Drunk & Disruptive Customers
Anybody deemed too intoxicated may be refused entry without refund at our discretion so please bear this in mind when attending our shows. The reason for this is from experience these are the people who are more likely to cause disruption during the comedy show and ruin it for everybody else.

Mobile Phones and leaving the theatre
Please ensure all mobile phones are either switched off or on silent. If your phone goes off during the show the comedian will likely take it off you and make a few extra calls. If you need to take a call during the show then please go into the bar area and do not answer in the actual performance room.  

Please note if you do need to leave the theatre for this or any other reason, to minimise disruption to the show, you may be asked to wait until the next theatre entrance opportunity before re entering.

Audio/Visual Recordings
Please bear in mind that flashing for photos is off putting for the acts on stage so make sure any photos taken are without the flash on. You can use the flash on the intervals. Under no circumstances can you audio/visually record any of the acts on stage. 

Bringing Your Own Alcohol Or Food Inside The Venue
Under no circumstances can you bring your own alcohol or food inside the venue. Anybody caught with their own alcohol will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Stag/Hen Parties & Large Groups
If you are organising a hen or stag do or larger group please bear in mind that there will be other audience members there too so all of the above rules need to be adhered to. We know the typical stag or hen do can involve a lot of alcohol consumption but please bare in mind that if your plan is to get 'hammered' by 9pm then it may best to choose a different club to go to.

Extra things to be aware of as the organiser are:

  • No fancy dress
  • No balloons/blow up dolls/inflatables/whistles/masks
  • No heckling or talking whilst the acts are on stage
  • Verbal abuse to any staff/comedian/audience member will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately without refund, no exceptions
  • No large bags will be allowed inside the theatre.

Finally.... We really hope you have a fantastic night with us and apologise if some of the above rules seem excessive or obvious but we really do this to create the best atmosphere for everybody in attendance.

We want every show to run as smoothly as possible and most of all we want to make you all laugh.

If you have any questions or queries just get in touch beforehand and one of the team will be in touch.