Q&A: Steve Hili


Q) Where was your first ever gig?
A) My first ever gig was in Malta. It went really well. The promoter asked me if I could do a few more minutes...and I did! I felt like a god!

Q) Main influence?
A) My main influence was Rik Mayall. I loved his energy and the anarchy that he brought to the stage. Still can't believe he has gone.

Q) Biggest achievement to date?
A) My first hour long show got a five star review - on its debut. It kind of feels like a fluke but I was very chuffed about it.

Q) If I wasn't a stand-up comedian?
A) I would be...dogging.

Q) Favourite gig to date?
A) England's Smallest Comedy Club in Soho which I had been lucky enough to be the resident MC at. They are looking for a new home...

Q) Worst gig?
A) Gig number 5. I was heckled by a man who had brought his six year old son to the pub. (The comedy was on in the main room). He told me that my act was somehow "scaring" his child and then offered to punch me the face. Not a great gig.

Q) Favourite circuit comedian?
A) Romanian guy called Radu Isac. Hilarious man.

Q) In five years time I see myself
A) Homeless. And cursing the fact that I had not made a five year plan.