Tom is a stand-up comedian from the wilds of suburban Canada, as so many have said after seeing his slice of rural suburbiana. Stade has a magnetic stage presence that makes audiences love him. His material springs out of life spent in British Columbia's backwoods. "Put a bottle of rye in fornt of us," Stade says, recalling his youth in Quesnel, B.C. (pop 25000). "Get a game of Risk going. Get a few friends over. Party!" What makes crowds love him is the innocence that lurks behind his devilish smirk. Tom is a standup version of Voltaire's naive optimist, Candide. He is a happy camper living in a world where happy people hang out and party. The inaffected simplicity of his outlook makes him shine. Tom has appeared on Channel 5's "The Comedy Store", BBC TV's "The Live Floor Show" and also on Comedy Central/Paramount's "The World Stands Up" More...Less...
"He's funny as hell. Stade's steady ascent is testament to his strange ability to endear himself to regular folks, acmouflaging his pitch-dark wit and borderline evil dedication to adolescent inebriation with the good-natured idiocy of an aging Sean Penn-like valley boy" - Now Magazine
"No other standup oozes 'star' like Stade" - Toronto Star
"He's gonna be huge" - Globe & Mail