Jojo Sutherland

Jojo Sutherland

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About Jojo

Jojo Sutherland is a multifaceted comedian who has made a significant impact since bursting onto the scene in March 2002. Known for her charismatic stage presence and quick wit, Jojo is a favorite at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh and Glasgow, seamlessly alternating between delivering her signature sets and compering, bringing a unique energy to each role.

Jojo's "healthy neglect" approach to parenting forms the backbone of her material, blending everyday grievances with motherly advice that resonates with audiences. As a mother of four, she draws from her rich personal experiences, including her memorable starring role in Channel 4's award-winning series "Wife Swap." This experience not only fuels her stand-up with hysterical anecdotes but also inspired her full-length show, "Wife Idol - The Rivals," performed with her theatre company, The OneHanded Women.

In addition to her comedy career, Jojo is an accomplished actress frequently appearing on stage and in various media, including radio presenting and improvisational forum theatre. She has also acted in several short films. Jojo was a finalist in the inaugural Funny Women Comedy Awards and has been part of two world record-breaking events - Stand Up 150 and One Big Laugh. Her dynamic talent and diverse experiences make her a standout performer in the comedy world.

When it comes to children’s entertainment, Jojo brings her charismatic humor and dynamic storytelling to younger audiences. She performs at children’s comedy festivals and events, where her lively and engaging style captivates kids and parents alike. Whether through interactive games, playful sketches, or humorous stories, Jojo ensures that her young audiences are entertained and delighted, showcasing her versatility and commitment to bringing laughter to all ages.

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