Dave Longley

Dave Longley

One of the few comics able to play to any audience without compromising on his material, David Longley can delight a hen party and the comedy connoisseur on the same night. Intelligent, silly, thought-provoking and filthy, Longley has found himself headlining comedy clubs all over the country and is also in demand as an MC.

Longley has performed 4 full-length solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe each one being greeted with critical acclaim.

David is now a festival must see for audience and comedian alike.


Edinburgh 2012 – My Favourite Things Edinburgh

2009 – No Going Back

Edinburgh 2008 – A Joke is Just a Joke

Edinburgh 2007 – A Clever Title

Edinburgh 2007 – Headlined Big Value Late

"Proves that comedy can say something important and, crucially, still be funny" - The Metro
"Challenging, puerile, brutal and hilarious. How’s that for dissonance?" - The Skinny