Thu21 Nov
21:00From £7.00
Victor Pãtrãscan - The Trouble with Being Born Romanian
Liverpool45 Hardman Street, Ground Floor Studio, L1 9AS
Doors Open: 20:30 | Show: 21:00 | Ends: 22:00
Hello. I am Romanian. Don’t worry. It’s a new concept for me being Romanian because when I was back home I was just a guy. Came over here, became Romanian. Now, when I go back home, I am a traitor. 

Romanian comedian Victor Patrascan is bewildered by our society and questions whether it is better to be Romanian or Bulgarian, right or just a person. Come watch a subversive, heartfelt and outrageous comedy show. If you are someone who questions everything about life, religion, politics, death and love, this is the show for you.

no.1 in Roast Battle London Premier League 2018-19

“like getting high with your best mate” David Mills
“singular comedic voice” Chris Betts
“insightful, deadpan and utterly charming” Sindhu Vee
“he'll quit comedy next year, you should see him now” Radu Isac
“hilarious questions, confusing jokes” Tom Ward

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Victor Pãtrãscan
Is this offbeat Romanian guy supposed to be the future of stand-up comedy? With his introspective and sometimes dark approach to comedy, keep an eye on this young whippersnapper baring his comedic soul on issues like immigration, love and cake.
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