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Hot Water Blog » Q&A: The Kagools

Q&A: The Kagools

 The Kagools at Hot Water Comedy Club

Q) Where and when was your 1st ever gig? How'd it go?
A) We've wracked our brains and we think The Kagools debut was during our one and only preview for our first ever Edinburgh show in 2011, which was a multi character sketch show called The Gherkin Fantasies. It was in The Bedford in Balham. It went amazingly, a huge responsive audience, which was an incredible height to fall from when Edfringe gave us 4 bored people and a cat.

Q) Who/what were your main influences when you first started out as a comedian?
A) As a double act we originally wanted to go a bit dark and surreal like League of Gentlemen or The Mighty Boosh. But as things have developed we're nothing like them. We don't even speak.

Q) What has been your biggest achievement to date?
A) Going on an Australian tour last year.

Q) If you weren't a stand up comedian what would you be?
A) We're both actors; we met at drama school, so it would still be something creative.

Q) What has been your favourite gig to date?
A) We were once asked to perform at a deaf school. We were nervous because although most of our material is family friendly, and we don't speak, we had never performed to a majority child, majority deaf audience and at 8am! But the room exploded with fun and love.

Q) And your worst?
A) Performing in 44 degree heat in an un-airconditioned tent. In a Kagool.

Q) Who is your favourite circuit comedian ATM? What new comedians should we watch out for?
A) We love Spencer Jones, Javier Jarquin the Card Ninja and Paul Currie and also watch out for Kat Bond.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A) Still wearing a kagool, but with better air-conditioning.

Q) Do you have anything to promote?
For full length shows or gigs coming up, see

Check out The Kagools full profile here where you can see a clip of them in action and view all their upcoming dates



Published by Paul Blair
Friday 25th November, 2016


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